2013 Conference Presentations

Metaphor and Mess:  Connection and Intuition in Creative Writing
Mary Quade 

 Purposefulness isn’t always your friend as a creative writer. Sometimes you just have to head blindly into the mess. This workshop will examine how to embrace thematic connection and metaphor as a structural device, rather than more traditional narrative constructions. We’ll discuss layering or braiding writing and searching for threads in a collection of disparate material. Participants will engage in exercises that spark mindful wandering to create surprising and revealing works that are truly “pieces.” While the workshop will focus on creative nonfiction and poetry, the methods can apply to fiction as well.


Ensnaring the Wary:  Engaging the Middle Grade and Young Adult Reader
Cinda Williams Chima 

Ensnaring today’s teens is like speed dating—you have just a few pages to make a good impression. We draw readers in with voice, character, conflict, and a compelling opening.  In this workshop, we will explore each of these elements through a combination of lecture, examples, and hands-on exercised.  We will identify commonalities and differences between writing for teens and for adults, and use cinematic techniques and other strategies to engage and propel readers through your story.


Never Let the Facts Get in the Way of a Good Story–Taking the Real World and Turning it into Fiction
Casey Daniels

Sometimes a writer needs a big dose of imagination to create a story.  Other times, it takes a leap of faith to come up with interesting plots along with believable characters and the worlds they inhabit.  In this interactive workshop, author Casey Daniels will help you take your real world and turn it on its head to create stories that are lively, page-turning—and marketable.

Marketing and Promoting Your Work
Debbie Alferio Deanna Adams

 Many authors believe their work is complete when they type the words, “The End”.  The truth is, for most the work   is just beginning!  Properly promoting one’s work is essential to its success.  In this course, Debbie will discuss the steps for successful marketing including establishing a budget, identifying niche markets, and various distribution channels.  She will also explain how to get the work in front of readers through the use of media and live events.  Following the presentation, writers will be challenged in a hands-on exercise to write a press release and/or an “elevator speech”.  Attendees of this course will walk away equipped to not only promote but sell.

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