What to Expect & How We Work

1. We meet 9:00-11:00 on the second Saturday of the month at a local Public Library.

2. Members receive a manuscript to read by e-mail 10-14 days before the meeting. We communicate by e-mail and are not able to send hard copy through the mail.

3. At the meeting, you will be asked to give your thoughts about the poems, articles, chapters, etc that you have received. We focus on two things:
#1. What are the main strengths of this piece? What is good writing? And
#2. What would improve this writing?
Do not be afraid to disagree with what others have said. We want your view of the writing – that’s why we have many people read each work. The author’s job is to sort out the varied views to improve her or his piece. In the discussion of the writing, the goal is to hear from each member around the table. Authors are asked to listen and not discuss individual points raised by critiquers.

4. You are encouraged to write comments on the manuscript and give it to the author after our discussion. (The discussion cannot cover every aspect of each piece submitted. This allows the author to have your full thoughts and comments.)

5. We take turns submitting pieces to be critiqued. Everyone is expected in join in the process of sharing your thoughts on the writing of others and your writing for feedback from others.

6. Those who are new to the group will be asked to come to 2-3 meetings and take part in the process before submitting a piece for critique.

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  1. T.L. Champion

     /  August 9, 2012

    who runs this writers group?

    • It’s really a group effort. Different people are in charge of different aspects such as securing a meeting space, keeping track of submissions, etc. If you’d like to check us out, we are having a meeting this Saturday at the Parma-Ridge library.

  2. I am a west coast writer by profession, but only two years into serious fiction writing. I am looking for a group of serious writers who enjoy the process, as I may be spending part of every year in Ohio. Would it be possible to sit-in? I’ll only be in the area for a month (Jan or Feb 2014) to scope things out. I belong to two writing groups and two critique groups here in California. my website is http://www.wordwranglingwoman.com
    Thank you, Patrice


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